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TCP is an interdisciplinary press rooted in American Indian studies that publishes books about tribal colleges and universities or authored by tribal college faculty, students, and leaders. TCP publishes one to two manuscripts per year.  The TCP advisory board evaluates proposals and determines which titles to publish. For more information, email

Tribal College Press Proposal Guidelines

In order to evaluate all proposals adequately and fairly, TCP needs a full book prospectus that includes:

  1. A 100-word overview/abstract of the book—it’s content, purpose, direction, argument, and/or nature.
  2. A brief discussion of the intended audience, as well as the book’s significance or contribution to American Indian studies. Also, let us know why this book is important to tribal colleges and, if applicable, how it might be used in tribal college classrooms.
  3. How long will your book be? Please give a rough estimate of the length of the manuscript in word count (not page numbers).
  4. Timetable for completion. Let us know the various writing stages and when you anticipate having a complete first draft.
  5. Let us know if there are any possible sources of outside funding that will defray the costs of publication.
  6. Have you submitted the manuscript to other presses for publication or has your manuscript been published in any other form (i.e. as a book, an article, a chapter in a compilation or anthology, etc.)?
  7. Please include an annotated table of contents with chapter or section descriptions.
  8. Include your bio and CV, with your contact information, previous publications (if any), and tribal college affiliation (if any).
  9. Tribal College Press adheres to its own, in-house style based on the APA guidelines. You can access the style guide here.
  10. If you have completed portions or chapters, you may also include those with your prospectus.

Submit your prospectus via email to:


Meditation on Ceremonies of Beginnings

The Tribal College and World Indigenous Nations Higher Education Consortium Poems

By Thomas Davis

This delightful collection of poems from longtime tribal college educator and leader Thomas Davis tells the history of the tribal college movement through landmark events and colorful leaders.