About the Press

An imprint of Tribal College Journal, Tribal College Press (TCP) traces its roots back to 1996 with the publication of its first title, Touching Home: Stories, Essays, and Poems by Tribal College Students. The book is a collection of award-winning entries to Tribal College Journal’s annual creative writing contest. TCP published a second edition of Touching Home in 2010, which is also available as an ebook. You can order print copies of both titles by ordering directly from TCP.

TCP serves as the academic press for the nation’s 37 tribal colleges and universities (TCUs). Interdisciplinary in nature but grounded in American Indian studies, the press publishes books that pertain to TCUs or which are authored by tribal college faculty, students, and leaders.

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Bradley Shreve, PhD, editor,
Marvene Tom (Diné), ads and information,

Or reach us by mail at:

Tribal College Press
679 E. Second Ave., Suite E-1
Durango, CO 81301

Phone: (970) 764-4238

Fax: (970) 533-9145

Advisory Board

Carrie L. Billy, JD (Diné)
President and CEO, American Indian Higher Education Consortium

Christopher Caldwell (Menominee)
President, College of Menominee Nation

Elmer Guy, PhD (Diné)
President, Navajo Technical University

Cynthia Lindquist, PhD (Spirit Lake Dakota)
President, Cankdeska Cikana Community College

Richard Littlebear, EdD (Northern Cheyenne)
President, Chief Dull Knife College

Monte Randall, EdD (Muscogee)
President, College of the Muscogee Nation and Tribal College Journal Advisory Board Chair

Laurel Vermillion, PhD (Standing Rock Lakota)
President, Sitting Bull College